October 18th, 2001

Pluto close up

Roomate Woes

grrrrr roomie is pissing me off very much. When I came here I was like " I want a roomate who A)Doesn't Drink B) Doesn't Party C) hates rap D) Likes video games E) Likes Cartoons and most of all F) DOES NOT SMOKE WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But nooooooooooooooo I get one who drinks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much *once again the fridge is stocked with beer* parties to much for his own good, listens to so much fucking rap that it's gonna make my head explode *he even uses MY cd burner to make copies of that complete and utter shit* he likes FF so thats ok, but he also likes crappy ass sports games that I have to watch him play on my system, he's cool on cartoons, thankfully. BUT NOW I FIND OUT THAT HE HAS WEED IN THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear to god that the minute he smokes any of it in our room I am so going to tell him off. I can handle the drinking but the moment he starts using drugs in the room is when I draw the line, lets hope it doesn't come to that
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