October 17th, 2001

Pluto close up

More bitching

I'm adding to my list of things that make me mad about my college campus
People wear tank tops too much. Stop showing off your fucking muscular figure dammit, besides seeing all your 'pit hair all the time probably won't turn a girl on, honestly. Stupid pretty boy muscle men...
And they also wear shorts here too much as well, I hate shorts so much, people complain about it being hot and I wear pants all the time and I rarely if ever bitch about the heat, I Just find some other thing to bitch about, stupid pansy asses who can't take the heat, if you can't take the heat here then get the hell outta the town, please... my roomate would be one of the first to go which would mean I'd have my own room... I can dream can't I

I actually did some work today, they made me run erinds and stuff, bah I'm tired
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