October 15th, 2001

Pluto close up

Things that make me angry about Chico state

There aren't that many things that make me pissy about my choice of a college but hey I was put on this world to bitch about stupid things and bitch I shall... so here we go

People who wear sandles, I fucking swear to good everyone and their mothers wear sandles here and I hate it, but thats because I hate bare feet too... Still sandles, ick, I only wear them to the shower and thats because I can't wear socks in the freaking shower!!!!! And noone in their right mind would go barefoot into those showers *shiver*
People who wear those little socks that go up to their heel's, why the hell do people make these socks? The purpose of socks is to cover your entire foot not like 1/1000th of it, I love socks and I would hate to wear those little pieces of crap, but so many people wear them here its quite sad really.
People drink, a lot... This is common knowledge and I knew before hand what I was getting into, what with going to one of the premier party schools in the state of California but still I didn't expect them to drink in my freaking room... bah
The people in general, I get along with these people just fine I suppose but my god they think of some stupid ass things, they wanted to get my RA a stripper because he broke up with his girlfriend and then they had this plan to make their penis' bigger... idiots, all of them.
THE FACT THAT I LET MY ROOMATE PLAY SPORTS GAMES ON MY PLAYSTATION2!!!!!! My poor little psx2 is now unpure as it has been tainted with the likes of tony hawk's pro skater two and he just bought madden 2002 *shudder*
More updates later, I gotta go get my laundry
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