October 9th, 2001

Pluto close up

The war of the consoles

I was reading the videogames.com talkback thingy and it said that Toy's R us sold out of its gamecube bundles in four minutes, it took the craptacular x-box 30 minutes to sell out. Both bundles cost 400 bucks, but since the gamecube is 200 and the x-box is 300 that means that logically the gamecube bundle will have more stuff. The LA times said that althought the numbers are not released to the public it is assumed that the gamecube had more units then the x-box, this makes sense due to the fact that nintendo pushed back its own release date to so it could have I think 200k more systems at launch, I'm not to sure thought... Anyways I was looking down at the list of reply's and I see some very anti-nintendo comments, not very surprised because those fools wish to support the devil gates even further and are unschooled. Anyways I think its all just dumb, people who literally go to a certain systems forum to bash said system are a buncha dumbasses who have less of a life then me, which is really bad. If it was an all console forum then bash it, but don't waste your time saying "oh this system is better because...." Ironically no one is saying PSX2 rules, short reign eh? Anyways I'm very pro nintendo, always have been and hopefully always will be, but If x-box does better *which it might unfortunetly* so be it, people are way to blind to realize that even thought nintendo does approach the kiddies more then everyone else the games are fun for all ages to play *except pokemon DIE*, how could anyone play Any mario game and not have fun? or say that a zelda game *minus those cd-i games which we really don't want to remember anyways* is bad. People are stupid they should realize that nintendo makes really good games and give them a chance. I'll be honest, I don't like any of the x-box games except Dead or alive three and thats not reason enough to merit purchasing a 300 dollar video game system, but the gamecube? Zelda, Mario, Metriod, Smash brothers, Mario Kart... the list of must have games for this system goes on and on, something that at this current point in time the x-box cannot contend with, they are newbies to the console field and going against THE company. People don't realize how much they owe nintendo, without the NES we probably wouldn't be playing video games here in America because Atari went and screwed everything up in the early 80's. Those x-box fans would not have anything to look foward too and neither would any of us unless we imported stuff from japan. LONG LIVE THE GAMECUBE!!!! And good luck microsoft, your going to need it once you launch in japan heh heh heh