September 26th, 2001

Pluto close up

The Best 26 hours of my life, kinda

Life is good, I GOT MY TAPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thats not it, yesterday I saw Darya at school and that made me happy because Darya kicks ass =). Then Today I got my comics, COMICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comics are good too, after my math class, which was highly easy but thats what happens when your in the retard math, 4/3rd times 5/2's ='s what? bah stupid ,math, but my teacher kicks so much ass. Did I mention I got my tapes? Oh yeah today in the kitchen they had chicken strips, nummy num num. Unfortunetly I couldn't watch the MJ video because I don't have cable in my room and I don't want to walk downstairs to watch TRL of all things, I can live without TRL for a while. TAPESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Oh and I finally got a job so now I can get my work study award, this is a double edged sword thought, because I don't really want to work but I have to or I won't have money for school bah, but at least I got the job which means that a harder part is over. I still have to do homework and stuff, but She-ra is more important then schooling right? I have enough time to do my english homework tomorrow anyways, I just got to read 3 chapters in a book for tonight and maybe read for my multicultural and gender studies, he didn't really give us any reading and I'm already ahead of what he is discussing so I can afford to slack for a day right?