September 22nd, 2001

Pluto close up


I still don't have my tapes, boy is pissed, very very pissed, mommy sent me some stuff too but I'm still pissed about my lack of She-Ra, What the fuck!!!!! Need Dinner to come so I can eat Chicken strips and be somewhat content, all I need is for all the episodes to come when I have classes and shit, that would work out just fine wouldn't it... God dammit stupid School Mail people
Pluto close up


Still no tapes * I HATE YOU UPS!!!!* But The x-box is getting it's sorry ass delayed! That makes set very very happy because anything that sets the devil gates back is a great thing indeed. All Hail gamecube for it shall be great, perhaps not better then x-box but still it has Zelda, that alone merits a gamecube purchase. I shan't buy an x-box and if I win one due to some fluke I will smash it into itty bity pieces with a really big hammer and then send the tape to microsoft, buwahhahaha. On a tangent, don't you think it would be clever for someone to rerelease GI JOE on television, its about americans beating the living crap out of terrorists, althought there are monkeys that could come up with better plans to take over the world then cobra commander could thats beside the point, GIVE US BACK GI JOE!