September 21st, 2001

Pluto close up

Bored Outta my mind

God dammit this sucks... Ain't nothing to do here and I've got a load of clothes in the dryer downstairs so... Anyways I WANT MY SHE-RA TAPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably could start working on that english thingy but I really don't have much to work with since I'm rather lost at the moment... Hmm. Or I could set up the webcam, I think I'll do one of those things. Vanessa I NEED SHIT TO DO!!!!! Marmalade boy, Kodomo, and if you could some love generation when I get back in a couple of weeks. Must listen to the theme song...
Pluto close up

Tribute to the Dinobots

Hey, I was just reading some stuff from one of my favorite non-company sites, and I was reading the article about the Dinobots, which I have read a constant amount of times and still read because frankly, the dinobots kicked so much ass. So I'm here to Give the dinobots the respect that they deserve. For the record there were five dinobots
The Leader Grimlock who could transform into a T-rex
Slag who could transform into a triceratops
Sludge who could transform into a brontosaurous
Swoop who could turn into a pteradon
and Snarl who could turn into a Stegosaurous
Now Obviously I messed up on the dinosaur names but I'm far to lazy to click on the spell check thingy. Anyways all you really need to know is that no kid gave that much of a damn about any other dinobot except Grimlock, I mean he was the biggest idiot in the world and that made him incredibly funny, I still laugh like hell whenever he's in epsiodes and I'm freaking 18, damn I need a life... anyways Grimlock was stupid and he appealed to us little kids, if any other dinobot got any recognition it was Swoop because if you didn't like Grimlock then you had to like the one that could fly by default. In reality I don't have the time to pay them proper tribute cuz I have class in 20 minutes and I still need to get my bag ready. Still Dinobots kick ass and remember the fond memorys of Grimlock,Slag,Sludge,Swoop, and Snarl
Pluto close up


ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't get my tapes today, DAMMIT ALL TO HELL THERE IS NO GOD BECAUSE I HAVE NOT GOTTEN MY SHE-RA TAPES WHERES THE FUCKING JUSTICE?!?!?!?! I went to the mail place and they were like we can't check for you because we aren't authorized to look because it would be breaking the law, idiots... I Want my damn she-ra tapes, surely if it was some place other then college I would go and look for myself but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I could get kicked out of school for that and she-ra's not worth completly screwing over any chance of making it in the near future which doesn't end up coming down to flipping burgers at mcdonalds, nice to know i've got my Priorties straight thought right? Anyways they said that the shit that came today at 3 will be checked tomorrow so god willing I will have my tapes by like 2 30 ish tomorrow, if not many people will get hurt, many...