Set (setsuna16) wrote,


is good... very good.Tomorrow I have to wake up at 6:30 for my fucking appointment at 9:30... yes, I'm waking up 3 hours early. But I have to catch the bus, and then catch another bus, and then walk some... so it's all just a precaution. Besides... I'll have comics to read, I can handle it, right? Writting really hasn't been an option with Waldo's visits right when I start... I mean, I don't MIND spending time with him... but he cuts down on at least a page. And tonight I won't be able to write as much as I want because I have to go to bed early... grr. AFter this, I go play Kingdom hearts!


    I'm sorry it took me so long to remember that today was your birthday!!!! I feel like a bad fanboy! BAD! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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