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I'm sorry it took me so long to remember that today was your birthday!!!! I feel like a bad fanboy! BAD!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Set's New York Adventure!

Or, as I like to call it, "the moment in which I came that much closer to the Goddess BoA."

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I have returned. New York City was a D. The concert was an A+!!!!!!!!!!! Overall, the concert made the whole thing an A+!!!!

I will post more later. Possibly tonight.

Is the journal text different now?


Updating from Work!

3 hours 15 minutes until I am done with work for the day! 8 hours 30 minutes until my flight leaves!

Doubt I will check in during the trip. I might, depending on if Sarah has to take her test in the hotel and there is more than one computer. If I don't, I will be back on Tuesday.



Concert dreams

With SIX DAYS UNTIL SM NEW YORK I am SO JAZZED. It's like... still kind of a dream. I mean, I'm the type of person who doesn't have a lot of plans in his life that require anything more than a day being spent away from the comfort of my computer (not the comfort of my home, mind you, since it's not that comfortable to begin with!), but since last month's trip to Disneyland (a month ago? REALLY?), I've basically got something lined up where I'm actually out doing stuff, which is very atypical for me. I don't see it becoming a trend, since I love being home, on the net, playing video games, etc, and since I work and watch so much TV it does take up a lot of time so I don't have as much time to do some of the other things I loved to do as much as I did as when I was in college for example.

But enough about my life and how 'exciting' it is. THE CONCERT! Every time I hear a song that I feel is going to be played at the concert I smile a little, and if it's a song that I really like, such as Super Junior's No Other (which I heard today and was like YAY!!!!) then I get SUPER happy. Last time, for LA, there were a lot of artists. Okay, not that many, but there were still more artists last time than there are going to be this time. Assuming that they perform the same length of time (and that was about 4 hours. It was a long concert!), that really just means that the artists will have more time to perform instead of having to devote time to other acts, and yes, I will lament not being able to her Zhang LiYin and the Trax (CSJH not so much, since Lina isn't there and Lina is beloved!), but if that means that I get an extra half an hour of OTHER artists (read: BoA), then I think we can consider the loss of these artists to be not a horrible blow.

Here is what I do not want: I DO NOT WANT KANGTA TO BE THE OPENING ACT! Kangta is the man who helped build SM. He's been there the longest, and yes, little idiots who are all about Shinee and shit probably don't care, but those of us who KNOW HOT and LOVE HOT know what's what. Kangta's still one of the best in the biz, and even if the current generation doesn't understand that, the powers that be shouldn't throw him under the bus for a piece of shit like Onew. Jong, maybe, since he's got pipes, too, but Onew? Fugly, talentless Onew? ONO, I SAY! ONO!

Speaking of Shinee, I swear they got like 45 minutes of the show to themselves in LA. Yes, girls went batshit, because that's what they do, and I'm not going to lie after hearing Replay and Juliette I was like "I like these songs! I don't like these boys, but I like these songs!". That doesn't mean that I want to suffer through an HOUR of Shinee. I mean, a part of me is okay with this, if only because that means I can go and use the bathroom instead of dealing with them, but still. LESS. SHINEE. PLEASE.

Basically, what I want is more of the solo acts and TVXQ. I am there for BoA. I am there for Kangta. I am there for Super Junior, I am there for Girls Generation, I am there for TVXQ, it isn't like I am only there for ONE artist (okay, I totally am because if BoA wasn't there neither would I BUT I LOVE ALL THOSE OTHER ARTISTS, TOO!). I kind of want more duets, if the pairings are neat and the songs are cool. In other words, I don't want Kesha again. And I hope they sing a beautiful song at the end like they did when they sang Hope at the end of LA, which damn near had me in tears.

I'd love for BoA to sing some of her Japanese songs. I doubt this is going to happen, since she didn't in LA. Barring this, I would DIE if she sang Don't Know What to Say, or Waiting. I LOOOOOVE Stand By, it was one of the highlights of the whole night for me, but that doesn't mean that I don't want a little bit more variety. I expect a lot of the same songs to be performed in New York as in LA, so BoA will sing Hurricane Venus. She'll sing Copy and Paste. She'll sing My Name. This is fine. Any BoA song I hear is worth hearing, but I want more!!! GIMME MORE!

If Kangta busted out some HOT songs (OUTSIDE CASTLE!!!!) with the help of some of his labelmates, that'd be nice. Kyu, Jong, Max, Ryowok or whatever? Yes please. I don't recall him singing Pine Tree, so if he did that, it'd be aces.

ANY of the girls can belt out a little bit of SES. I'm Your Girl? I'D BE THERE, SCREAMING LIKE A GIRL!!!!

TVXQ, PLEASE SING BALLOONS!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SING BALLOONS!!!!!!!! Even just the chorus. It doesn't matter. You sing balloons, I will melt. Seriously, someone will have to bring a bucket to scoop me up and take me home. And if Penguin girl is in the line this time and I see her A PICTURE WILL BE TAKEN! Penguin girl, you are MAH PEOPLE!!!! Rising Sun, Triangle (why you DID NOT DO THIS SONG IN LA WHEN BoA AND TRAX WERE THERE I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND!), O, Wrong Number, Tonight... there's a lot of TVXQ songs that I love, and just because the group is gutted with Max and U-Know left doesn't mean the classics should be denied, right? MAGIC CASTLE!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Girls Gen and Suju can basically do the same songs they did last year, adding Hoot, Mr Simple and Acha respectively, and I'd be good. When it comes to those two groups, I basically like the single songs and nothing more. If they busted out SEOUL SONG, I'd go batshit, though.

AND BRING MY BOY SIWON!!!!! YO QUIERO SIWON!!!! Seriously, be livid if Siwon isn't up in that shit. I need to check and see if there's been any news from him about it and check BoA's twitter, too.

So yes, these are the things that I hope for. Trust me, you will know what happens when I get back.

Side note: I listened to Andrew Rannells When She Smiles yesterday and fell in love with it. He was in Jersey Boys before. If I did a musical, not that I would because I don't want to, that'd be one of the ones I would be most likely to see. That and Spamalot. And The Lion King.


Also... happy birthday to my cousin, who turned 25 today.

My memories of the day I met Scott Clifton are still all so vivid.

It was the best day of my life. Until I saw BoA in concert. It still ranks up there, though. Way. Up. There.

Today is a day of mourning!

Today is the one year anniversary of the demise of Dis Ducibus, one of the last groups I was in. Good times.

Miss ya, DD!


A Video Game Post

In an effort to do something today (I've got a whole lot of nothing planned except for watching the AMC special on TV, followed by True Blood's season finale), I've decided to make a post! I know, fascinating, isn't it? A POST!!!!

A long post, so cut for your pleasure.Collapse )

I GOT FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got section 2. It isn't the floor I WANTED (that was section 3) but I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! I GOT FLOOR!!!!!!

I didn't get floor the first time, I got some shitty ass section like two above it, and then I tried again and I prayed to MJ "PLEASE MJ, LET ME GET FLOOR!" AND HE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!!! THANK YOU, MJ!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!









Today is the ONE YEAR Anniversary of SM LA. It seems so long ago, but I still remember it pretty vividly. Waking up, going to Disneyland, coming back to the room and resting for a little bit, thinking... hey, my phone has two bars left in the battery I don't NEED TO CHARGE IT, getting changed (I dressed semi-fancy for my first time seeing BoA), heading to LA from Anaheim, realizing I FORGOT MY DAMNED CAMERA and being forced to turn around, looking for the Staples Center (LA SUCKS IF YOU DRIVING!), finding it, realizing the line was super long and we probably should have eaten before we left, standing in line FOREVER, talking with fans, watching camera crews running by (including the one that filmed my millisecond cameo in the Fx video), waiting in the LINE OF DEATH once the line actually started to move, running around like a crazy person looking for merch, being crushed when there was none, watching lunatic fans CHARGE INTO THE ARENA from outside whenever ANYONE inside screamed (it was just them showing the artists on the titan tron), going back in and waiting and waiting and waiting and then it started and I was soooo happy! AND THEN BoA CAME AND I MADE SOUNDS THAT MEN SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE! Screaming so much I almost passed out (true facts).

God, it was beautiful.





Gotta get tickets NEXT Friday. So... might be calling in sick. Floor seats are $205-ish. BUT I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK.




No line up yet, which means no confirmation of BoA being there or not. I NEED TO SEE THE LINE UP!



On this day I celebrate not only your life, but your legacy and, pardon the pun, the way you make me feel.

I miss you. And I will never forget.


Most of my best gaming memories, and thus my best memories, are linked directly to you.

Thank you for your long service as an instrument of my happiness, and your continued part in nostalgic happy thoughts.

You will forever be my favorite console.



A random update!

More of a hodgepodge update, if you will!

First and foremost: BoA MAY be coming to New York towards the end of October. Right now it is merely RUMORED that there will be an SM concert in New York towards the end of October, so I'm not super jazzed quite yet, but I certainly am hopeful. It's almost been a year since I saw BoA last, and THAT IS TOO LONG. Once I got a taste of my beloved, that was it. Like I said, nothing about the concert has stepped into the reality phase of planning. There hasn't even been a line up announcement yet. If BoA is there, I will be there. If BoA is not, I will not.

I have no actual urge to go to New York City. Not really. I mean, there are a few things that I want to see. The World of Nintendo store is the biggest priority for me, followed by the World of Disney store, and that is LITERALLY it. I want to see Central Park (to reenact the 'that's how you know' scene from Enchanted, maybe?'), but I don't really like big cities. LA I can deal with because it's LA and I usually don't stick around. I just drive through to get to my holy place. San Francisco I can somewhat deal with because Carlos knows his way around the city so well. But New York? God damn. I have to spend an entire day, basically, flying from California to New York, and apparently it is EXPENSIVE to stay there (I haven't looked, but I've been told), and I know for a fact that New York City proper taxes you for everything but walking, talking and breathing. No, really, they have a sales tax and a dine in tax. WHO THE HELL DOES THAT? Plus, being forced to take taxis everywhere (although the prospect of Cash Cab DOES entice) and just generally being IN New York causes some minor anxiety.

It'll all be worth it if BoA goes, though. So I will keep my ear to the ground and hope for good juju to come my way. Prayer circle for me, my friends! Prayer circle that I get to see my beloved again! And maybe this time there will be merch! Regardless, I will be wearing the custom SM shirt that girltype got for me for Christmas. Provided the concert is real, of course. STRONGEST. PRAYER. CIRCLE. EVER!

My mother got super drunk last Sunday. She called the cops (less dramatic than it sounds, but no less true), and since that night she hasn't had anything alcoholic to drink. But she has been drinking red bulls, which is uncharacteristic of her. She's still being a bitch, likely because of the withdraws, and I don't believe for a second that this is a legit attempt at sobriety, but as my coworker told me yesterday I should remain cautiously optimistic, and I am choosing to do so. Most know that the catalyst for my relationship with my mother being what it is stems almost entirely from her alcohol dependency. So maybe, just maybe, things can get better. Aim the bar low so you don't get hurt is my motto in life. No reason to change that.

Work is... shit. Irene, my manager, and Ted, my boss, have been in a relationship for some time. They haven't actually STATED that they're in a relationship, but we basically all know that they're in one, and it sucks because Irene's 'my shit don't stink' attitude is really, really destroying morale and nobody can go to Ted since, hello, she's giving him the almighty vajayjay. They were planning a trip to Mexico in October RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND TWO OF MY COWORKERS. It's like, just come out and say it. I was told yesterday that they're trying to spin a story about how Mari, Ted's late wife and quite possibly the most angelic human being to ever grace the planet's soil, 'sent Irene to Ted' so he wouldn't be alone after she died. I call bullshit on this, as do most people. And if they try and spin that story to the people who I work with, yeah, that won't fly. I love the people that I work with (including Irene and Ted on a different level), which is why I am able to continually put up with the bullshit that is thrown at me on a daily basis there. They're gone until Thursday, so that's good.

Disneyland is happening! We're going on the 16th of September and staying all day on the 17th and 18th before we spend the morning there and come home on the 19th. This is my first trip to my LAND of the year, and it'll have been around 250 days since the last time I was there. Simply put, this is too long. My cousins are planning to meet us on Saturday. One of them will be in the park, one of them will meet up for dinner because she 'refuses to give her money to Disney.' My cousin is a hater. She will not go into the Disney Rapture. I am EXCEEDINGLY excited. It's gonna be a budget trip, though. I hope to spend less than a grand overall. We'll see how I do! Basically, any merch with Donald shall be mine.

And, finally, I found a writing group! I'm about 2 weeks into said writing group and it's... not ideal. I mean, it's a real time group (meaning in game it is August 20th, and tomorrow will be August 21st), which makes it really hard to explore nuances since that takes days of real time and the next time you do something it could be a week after you did something else. The people are cool, but I've yet to find someone who can finish a scene without letting it die and that really annoys me. And it is set in the future, so it's really hard for me to make timely pop culture jokes, or even nostalgic ones, because timely to me is nostalgic to the character, and nostalgic to the me is basically ancient to the character. Regardless, I've ideas for additional characters in the group, but I want to make sure that I get my first character situated enough before I consider a second. If I'm still around after I return from my trip, then I will likely apply for a second. And it really IS a good feeling to be able to write again and to have messages in my inbox.

Today is the day where I want to do nothing but veg out for the entire day. Thus far, it has been a success! And I even got to update this thing with an entry of some substance. Shocking, isn't it?

Writer's Block: It’s a small world

Where is your happiest place on earth?

Duh. Disneyland.

And yes, it deserved to be mentioned.


Just saw Winnie the Pooh (to HELL with Harry Potter!), and it was SO CUTE AND FUNNY AND WONDERFUL!

I was legit holding back tears on the first scene. Just seeing that house, with all the stuffed toys, it brought back my memories of watching the original movie as a kid. I love Pooh, always have.

It would have been better with Gopher, of course, but what wouldn't be?

Who knew Roo could be so cutthroat?

I'm very happy with the movie. Can't wait to watch it again!

I need a new hobby...

Seriously, I am in need of something to do with my free time. Ideally, this time would be taken up by writing... but I haven't written anything for over nine months. It isn't writer's block (I don't think I've ever had writer's block), it's a lack of a creative outlet with which I can express myself.

Most of this is my fault. I look for something that is hard to find and I don't get it. I understand this about myself, but I do nothing to change it. I don't think I will change it for quite some time, and, honestly, I'm okay with that. I'm okay with not having an outlet if I don't think that it's the right fit for me. It just sucks that there's been such a long lull between finding that outlet and not finding it.

Usually, when I don't have something to write about, I can occupy myself by playing video games. I have over a hundred titles to choose from, probably about 20 of them I haven't actually played yet, but I don't have the urge to actually play them. I dunno why. I guess I'm just worried about finding what I need in a creative outlet, and not being able to give everything I can or need to give because I'm distracted by a game. I love video games, always have, always will. I mean, see my E3 Nintendo real time post for how much I love video games, but writing has truly eclipsed my love of video games to be my primary hobby, which just makes the fact that I don't have it that much harder to swallow. A bitter pill indeed.

And then there's television. But, I've got news for most people... SUMMER TV SUCKS. Yes, there are a few shows that help buck the trend (the Hub JUST started airing the episodes of Jem featuring Raya, my beloved pink haired Latina!), but it's not really enough to keep my mind occupied, and that's what I need the most.

So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. It's slightly depressing, but I'm handling the lull better than I have in the past.

But occasionally I get moments of sheer joy. Like, thanks to girltype, I now know that I can run into Panchito and Jose at Disneyland. Or at least see them in a parade. This makes me RIDIC happy.

Now I'm off to peruse and hunt for something that I may not find. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky.



Went to the NKOTBSB performance last night with girltype and dearly_beloved. It was fun. ALWAYS wait until the last minute to buy tickets to an NKOTB concert!!!!

Donnie got up next to our section and was walking around touching people. SO I got to touch him twice. Good times.

Still tired, wish I was sleeping, but I can't.